Learinng with Sandra Herbst
Photo Credit: DCDSB

Sandra Herbst joined 300 eastern Ontario educators for three years - twice a year -  in Kingston, ON. Please see below a list of resources from the years of learning and collaborating with Sandra.

Post September 2018 Session Resources


Post April 2018 Symposium Resources

For the September 2018 session with Sandra Herbst, participants must be pre-approved to attend and be registered by district planning team representatives.


  • EOSDN Thinking Symposium Program Evaluation Report
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Post September 2017 Symposium Resources
Sandra's Handouts-Day 1
Sandra's Handout
Strategy Harvests
Effective Classroom Assessment - Article-Herbst and Davies



Pre-Symposium Welcome Message from Sandra Herbst - September 2017
Pre-Symposium Reading - September 2017

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OTHER DATES for Sandra's Time With Us!
April 18-19, 2018
September 26-27, 2018
April 24-25, 2019


Sandra's Handout/Resource for April 2017: here

September 2016 Symposium Learning Ideas!

Introducing Sandra Herbst. Visit Sandra's Website/Blog


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