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Denise AndreEastern Ontario Staff Development Network appoints Denise Andre as Executive Director

On behalf of the EOSDN Board of Directors, Michele Babcock, Chair of the Network, is pleased to announce that Denise Andre will be assuming the role of Executive Director succeeding Eleanor Newman who ably led and served in the role for eight years.

In making the announcement, Ms. Babcock said “we are excited to welcome Denise Andre to the role of Executive Director.” Denise will assume the position on September 1, 2020, “bringing with her a deep knowledge of instruction and strong understanding of what it means to be an adult learner and how that translates for student learning.”

Denise Andre knows EOSDN and has been a strong supporter of the Network. She served as a facilitator for the Supervisory Officer’s Qualification Program for a number of years. “Denise’s passion for learning and belief in the importance of relationships aligns with the vision of the Network. This is a time of being adaptive in education,” continued Ms. Babcock. “She brings more than 40 years of experience in education through various roles, most recently as Director of the Ottawa Catholic School Board and possesses the skills and passion to lead us during this time. We look forward to working with Denise as we continue to serve our colleagues in Eastern Ontario,” she added.

As Executive Director designate, Denise indicated that she is very “eager to be assuming the role of Executive Director of the EOSDN. The Network has been an integral part of my journey as educator and leader. I look forward to working with the Board of Directors, our nine-member school boards and the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, to continue advancing the excellent work that EOSDN has accomplished.”

Download Press Release - 19th August 2020 (PDF)